9 natural ecosystems Collect them all before they disappear


Tezos “Proof-of-Stake” NFTs



12×12 in Archival Prints


The ecosystems of our planet are becoming ever more endangered. Over 1 million animal and plant species are now threatened with extinction — more than ever before in human history.

We need to remind ourselves of the priceless value these ecosystems hold to all of us before it’s too late.

Terraria proposes ecosystems as collectibles with all proceeds and royalties to be donated to 1% for the Planet.

All digital NFTs are varied with multiple weather and time-of-day variations, and are minted on the Tezos “Proof-of-Stake” blockchain — a format at nearly a thousandth of the carbon load of proof-of-work blockchains like Bitcoin.

All artist prints are printed in archival Epson RC paper at 12 × 12 inches. U.S. shipping included. For international orders, please contact us.

Span is a Chicago-based studio crossing the boundaries of communication design in all mediums. Terraria is a self-produced research project aimed at exploring positive contributions to culture through design.